About Mel

  • Currently Expanding My Horizons and Enrolled In Azure Tide All Florida School of Real Estate
  • New to Blogging World
  • Laid-Back LIBRA
  • Loves to Read all kinds of Genres
  • Love to Write Poetry (Stay Tuned)
  • Enjoys alone time
  • Passionate about Motherhood
  • Enjoys Learning New Things
  • Currently acquiring more about Meditation, Yoga and the 7 Chakras
  • Loves Taking Pictures (Coming Soon)
  • Loves to Bake and Cook
  • Favorite Color is RED
  • MUSIC is LIFE – R&B and Jazz (When Feeling Stressed)

Faith …

Why? IS he real? How? We all may ask these questions from time to time throughout our daily lives when We experience Death of loved ones, Heart Break, Illnesses, etc. Through all the triumphs and struggles HE is Working IN and Through US ALL During these Times ! It Can Be So Easy to Face New Failures and Fears and to Lose Faith in God’s Plan for Our Lives. Even though he is Unseen, Our God has Supernatural Powers. Faith is the assurance that the things Promised in the Word Are True. Faith is from Within , Faith Cannot be Bought or Borrowed.